How to Turn Your Garage into a Painting Booth


Do you like auto spray booths but find them expensive? This desire always seems to dishearten everyone. However, you can transform your garage into a painting booth in no time! All you need is a strategy and some pipes and tapes to have a painting booth of your own!

First and foremost is emptying your garage and cleaning all the dirt. However, connecting pipes and tapes can be a bit hustle, but it’s worth the shot! Follow this guide till the end, and you will be ready to have a painting booth of your own.

Measure Your Garage

Now that you have an empty garage, you’ll have to measure and determine what spray booth size will fit your needs best. You’ll have to take care of the car and garage size. Once you’ve measured your painting booth size, you’ll have to find the best pipe sizes for the task.

You’ll have to place vertical pipes on each corner and horizontal pipes on top and back. The best way is to sketch out the pipes and connections. Make sure to equalize vertical side pipes. Set all-size pipes not to get confused.

Cut and Connect the Pipes and Poles

Once you’ve placed all the pipes, start cutting as per needs. Then you’ll have to start making the connection of each pipe and stand a perfect painting booth according to your sketch. The best way is to connect the pipes of each side individually. After that, connect the top and middle back connections.

You’ll need connectors and elbow pipes to make a secure connection. Make sure to check out each connection and secure the loose PVC joints. You can easily secure each joint with your hands by applying pressure.

Cover the Booth

Now comes the covering part. You’ll have to enclose the painting booth with duct tape. First, place a plastic sheet on the top. Start connecting the sides with duct tapes and end on the back. Ensure each connection with duct tapes and make no loose ends. Take two plastic sheets and cover the front part.

Lay down a piece of cloth on the round of your booth and secure each corner with duct tapes attached to plastic sheets.

Take Care of Ventilation

Start making places for fans to ensure ventilation. For this task, you’ll need a box fan fetching the air inside the booth. Cut out the plastic sheet of box fan size from the side of the painting booth. Once you’ve placed the box fan on the top side, start securing it with duct tape.

Now you’ll have to place a furnace filter on the opposite side to ensure the airway is out. Don’t forget to secure it with duct tape. It is advised to replace old filters regularly.

Final Words

Following these simple steps, you’ll have your painting booth in your garage. Don’t forget to measure correctly and secure the pipes. Plastic sheets and floor cloths should also be taped securely. Lastly, ensure your painting booth is well-ventilated, and the filter is not filled with dust and spray paint.


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