Five Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Manufacturing Products In China

produce brand new products in China + manufacturing products in China

If you wish to produce brand new products for your business, China is the best place to go. The cost of production usually adds up to the overall product costs. Therefore, the more expensive the cost of production is, the higher the end product will. Expensive products do not always guarantee much profit margins or sales in the market. Therefore, when you produce brand new products in China, you will be assured of reasonable prices because of affordable factors of production. Thus, this article aims to update you on the essential elements that contribute to the cost of manufacturing products in China.


1. Low wages

The labor costs in China are very cheap. Most of the employees working in Chinese factories are paid low wages. Labor plays a significant role in how much the production cost will be. Therefore, the cheap labor present in China means that the production costs are lower than in many industrialized nations. Thus, reasonable prices for goods manufactured in China.


2. Minimal safety and worker health regulations

China has managed to become the globe’s factory floor because of several reasons. One of them being minimal safety and worker health regulations. Safety and worker health regulations contribute a lot while manufacturing. Furthermore, the minimal routine checkups signify minimal time wastage, and as the saying goes, time is money. Therefore, time saved can be used for production, thus saving on manufacturing lead time. Therefore, the minimal safety and worker health regulations indirectly help lower the cost of production. The critical point to note is that the minimal safety and worker health regulations do not impact the quality of products produced in China.


3. Superior infrastructure and manufacturing capacity

China has a superior infrastructure in comparison to most countries in the world. They have modern trains and road networks that help in reducing manufacturing lead time. Furthermore, the energy grid capacity is very superior, thus ensuring cheap electricity costs. Electricity costs are one of the crucial factors that significantly impact production costs. Thus, the cheap electricity in China ensures the cost of manufacturing is also affordable.


4. Readily available raw materials

Raw materials in China, such as copper, steel, and many more, are readily available. Furthermore, the costs of the raw materials are relatively available. Therefore, the availability and price of raw materials impact the manufacturing costs in China. For those raw materials imported, the expected manufacturing costs are expected to be higher.


5. Lax environmental regulations

Environmental regulations set by a country can increase the cost of production. It is because companies will strive to use eco-friendly manufacturing processes that are more expensive. China’s environmental enforcement and regulations are relatively lax. Therefore, manufacturing factories in China do not necessarily use eco-friendly manufacturing procedures that ensure high production costs.



China is currently dubbed as the globe’s factory floor. It is because of the affordable costs of production. Furthermore, China has lax regulatory systems for manufacturing, thus, cheap production costs.


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